Corporate Account

AA Taxis appreciates that cost is frequently the major concern to organisations and has both the necessary system and flexibility to provide you with the most cost-effective taxi service available.

Monthly Invoices

Our clear monthly invoice will detail usage and costs in whichever format gives you complete control.

Our billing system can be tailored to match your own accounting procedures.

You can have as much detail as you require, in your preferred format.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the information they require in order to reduce wastage and keep cost to a minimum.

Account Security

Within our computer system the database can hold the names of every person within your organisation who is authorised to use our taxis. This information can include any restrictions that you wish to place; for instance journeys may only be allowed between certain locations or at certain times of the day.

In order that every organisation can have complete control over the usage of the account, it can set its own code numbers, if it feels the need for added security. In providing taxi services we believe we understand your needs.

We are committed to continuing to offer
the most comprehensive and professional service available anywhere in the UK.

To apply for a Company Account, download and complete our account ‘Application Form’
Then email it to

To view the form, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader

    1. Company Details

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    Registered Office:
    Telephone Number:
    Email Address:
    Type of Company:
    # of Years Trading:

    Trading Name:
    Business Address:
    Company Reg Number:
    Fax Number:

    2. Invoice Address

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    Monthly Credit Required:
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    Invoice Address:

    3. Trade Refrence

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    4. Authorised Users

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    5 Agreement of Terms

    By submitting I confirm that all invoices will be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.
    By submitting I agree that all info entered was done accurately & truthfully.
    By submitting, I also agree to the Terms & Conditions.

    Terms and Conditions
    1.1 The Terms and Conditions governing the provision of AA Taxis booking and/or account services provided by AA Taxis with the exclusion of any other oral or written statement whatever its legal character.
    1.2 In this Contract:-
    a) “Service” means the AA Taxi booking service provided by AA Taxi.
    b) “Charge” means the charge to the Customer for the provision of the Service, including the charges referred to in the STANDARD TARIFF overleaf.
    c) “Customer” means a person, firm or a company that has entered into the Service Agreement, and where the context so requires all officers, employees and agents of such person, firm or company with authority to make bookings with AA Taxi.
    d) “Service Agreement” means the agreement to which these Terms and Conditions are annexed.
    e) “Hiring” means a journey undertaken by a Taxis for or on behalf of a Customer of AA Taxis.
    f) “Run-In Charge” means the part of the Charge based on the metered fare and attributable to the driver’s journey to the pick-up point.
    g) “Credit Limit” means the maximum amount of unpaid Charges the Customer may incur at any point in time.
    2.1 The Customer will be issued with a security number, which must be quoted with all bookings.
    AA Taxis cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever when the security account number is issued by unauthorised persons.
    2.2 AA Taxis reserves the right to:-
    a) Alter any account number or security number or credit limit at any time and notify the customer accordingly.
    b) Change the rules or instructions relating to any part of the Service from time to time and notify the Customer of such changes.
    c) Suspend the Service in the interest of security or quality if Service or in the interest of other Customers or if the Credit Limit is exceeded.
    d) Suspend the Service in the event of a communication failure.
    e) Decline the Service unless the Company is at its own discretion satisfied that security procedures have been followed and shall not be liable for refusing the Service under these circumstances.
    Subject to any written agreement between AA Taxis and the Customer:
    3.1 Invoices will be rendered on the last day of each month unless agreed otherwise.
    3.2 The Customer agrees to pay in full within 30 days of the date the total of such invoices.
    3.3 AA Taxis reserves the right to charge interest on the balance of
    any account remaining unpaid for a period of more than 30 days at a rate of 10% per annum.

    4.1 At the time an account is authorised, AA Taxis may set a Credit Limit.
    4.2 In the event that the Customer has exceeded its Credit Limit, AA Taxis may at its absolute discretion withhold the Service from the Customer.
    4.3 It will be the duty of the Customer to ensure that the use of the Service is operated within the Credit Limit.
    4.4 AA Taxis is not under a duty to the Customer to limit the Service to the Credit Limit and if in their absolute discretion AA Taxis should continue to provide Service over and above the Credit Limit, the full amount due will be payable by the Customer notwithstanding that the Credit Limit may have been exceeded.
    6. TERMINATION The Service provided by AA Taxis may be terminated as follows:
    5.1 By either party giving the other 30 days written notice.
    5.2 If the Customer (without prejudice to any other rights or remedy of AA Taxis):
    a) Fails to pay when due any sums payable.
    b) Fails to observe or perform or breaches any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.
    6.1 In the event of any dispute concerning the calculation by AA Taxis of its charges, such dispute shall be notified to AA Taxis by the customer within 30 days of the invoice being presented.
    In the event of no such notification being received by AA Taxis, the Customer shall accept the amount as being properly calculated and due.
    6.2 In the event of there being any disputes regarding the interpretation of Terms and Conditions relative to the agreement, the Company’s decision shall be final and binding upon the Customer.
    7.1 AA Taxis has no obligation, duty or liability in contract tort for breaches of statutory duty or otherwise beyond that of a duty to exercise reasonable skill and care.
    7.2 Whereas AA Taxis shall take every reasonable care to ensure that it will only supply Licensed Taxis driven by Licensed Cab Drivers:
    a) AA Taxis will take no liability whatever for acts or omissions on the part of the Taxi driver assigned to a particular hiring.
    b) AA Taxis are unable to guarantee arrival times or taxi availability, although every possible effort will be made to ensure that your booking requirements are met. However, there will be times due to circumstances beyond our control where we may be unable to honour this agreement.
    c) Under no circumstances shall AA Taxis be liable for loss of profits, business or anticipated saving or for any indirect or consequential loss.
    7.3 All Licensed Taxis are obliged to have full passenger liability insurance.
    AA Taxis may from time to time amend these Terms and Conditions and shall as soon as possible forward a copy of the same to the Customer. The Customer shall then have 30 days from the date of
    being sent such variations to decline the same and to terminate the Service. In the absence of a response, the Customer will be bound by the variations and shall not thereafter be entitled to dispute the same whether or not they apply to the rate of charging or otherwise.